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December 11, 2007

Why Men are Polygamous

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It has been the notion of most men that “they are born polygamous”. My take on that is: That’s bull****. That reason is by far the lamest idea I have ever heard. I don’t even know if people know the meaning of loyalty nowadays. Third party relationships has been the culprit in terms of divorce and separations worldwide. There are several factors why men become polygamous and from a man’s point of view, I would like to share what I think.

Most of my friends tend to go to clubs and be with bar girls because they feel that their wives or girlfriends lost the intense romance and passion that they displayed when they were dating for a couple of months. Men can be loyal but I bet my friends would agree that men’s libido level is quite a notch higher than that of most women and that men need romance once in awhile.

Second reason is somewhat related to the first reason – sex. What most women do not know is that men consider sex a sacred practice. Unbelievable as it may seem, it is true. Engaging in sex is one way to show love at it’s fullest. Enjoying it is a different thing. Doing it for the sake of just doing it is not good enough. Men need to enjoy what they are doing. It’s the totem of their personality.

Lastly, men want considerate and understanding women. Wives tend to nag a lot more than you can imagine. They seem to be paranoid about anything. Going out with friends is a man’s thing and you just can’t change that in a jiffy. So there are two choices for women – one is live by it and understand it and the other is to try to change the man and face the consequences. Its actually a wild shot to opt for number two choice because it may end up in a negative way.

These reasons are what me and my friends always talk about while drinking. As a man, I admit that temptations crossed my path but my fiance` has done a great job of being there for me and so, I remain straight and loyal. If you guys have other things to say about men being polygamous, please post your comments and let’s discuss this.



  1. Oh well, I should have something to say on this. This is getting into my nerve. I am totally convince that men are polygamous. I should say not all but most. If you guys consider the fact that your libido level is higher than women, then women must not be blame – otherwise you need to have “control” added to your dictionary.
    2nd – when does women knew that guys consider sex a sacred practice? Does this apply to all? If I would have a boyfried, I wouldnt want him to have this as his reason for him to show love at its fullest.
    I hope before a guy become a boyfriend to his girlfriend, it would be better to not think “sex” for the reason he’s getting a girlfriend.
    3rd – Anything that you guys may think why a girlfriend / wife would nag and become paranoid to her partner? Must have reasons that surely made girls to be like this. Instead of you guys asked girls to be considerate and to be understanding, think about it, is theres something in you that we have to consider and have to understand. If you think that you had never been a reason for all of this then we can talk about that.

    I’m not done yet. Im just running out of time right now. We need to log off.

    Comment by Eliza — December 11, 2007 @ 8:57 pm | Reply

  2. Now there’s an angry woman. =)

    Comment by merlin08 — December 11, 2007 @ 9:01 pm | Reply

    my article may help support some facts 🙂

    Comment by mossavi — May 1, 2008 @ 9:31 pm | Reply

  4. Hi Merlin,

    While I totally agree w/ u… i’d like to contest the first reason to be lame simply because even if wives/girlfriends have NOT lost their “intense romance & passion”, men still continue to practice male chauvism especially when in a clique… Such “alpha male” mentality causes men who wants to be faithful & loyal to fall in the snares of infidelity..

    I also believed that men have a higher level of libido than women.. that men are very “physical” while women more on “emotional”.. but Eliza was right in saying that there’s such a thing as self-control.. making men different from their primate cousins..

    On the other hand, Eliza, there are women who are really very domineering in the way they handle their men… Given that a woman is right, she will never win her man if she resort to nagging..

    Bottom line: God-fearing couples will never ever do something to jeopardize their relationship because in doing so, they are not only hurting themselves but also their God with whom they are under a vow of commitment.

    Comment by Monch — September 4, 2008 @ 4:20 am | Reply

  5. Well, not only men can be polygamous.. women also. 🙂

    Comment by merlin08 — October 16, 2010 @ 10:22 am | Reply

  6. Not all guys are polygamous. But i don’t think that playboys do existed before i met that guy. Let me tell you it’s one hell of an experience. How is that even possible? They, well, he falls so fast for a girl and fall out of love with the same speed. Most of my girlfriends and even acquaintances are courted by this guy haha and I didn’t escaped his damn sight what a *erk!

    Comment by Abby — November 24, 2010 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

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